Do I need a revision? (Photos)

I recently had breast augmentation about 4 months ago. I had some assymetry as my right breast was sitting a bit lower. I desired a natural look while still remain small I have 275 cc in left and 250 in right . I'm a bit unhappy with my results I feel like my left breast is now sitting lower and moving off to side . I also feel like the left breast which had the larger implant actually feels smaller. I was expecting my breast to look higher and more youthful What can I do to fix this ?

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Higher breasts

In order to have your breast higher you would have needed a lift. Your after photo shows a natural full breast however your nippla and areopla are too low on the breast. A lift will correct this.

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Do you need a revision?

I'm sorry that you're unhappy with your current situation.  The right breast was a bit droopy to begin with, so I would have either recommended a larger implant or a lift on that side.  I think if you are looking for perfection, you'll benefit greatly from a vertical or lollipop lift.  Good luck!

Brian K. Reedy, MD
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Breast augmentation revision


Thanks for the question and for the photos.

It appears that you may have benefitted from a lift with your augmentation.  Your areolas are too low and pointing downward.  Sometimes the implants can be lowered which will better center the areolas and improve the appearance of your breasts.

 Go on line to look up ptosis (breast droopiness).  This will answer several questions.

Best of luck.

Dr T

Douglas Taranow, DO, FACOS
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Projection/style issue

it sounds like the style implant you and your surgeon chose didnt match your desires. You had some asymmetry right to left with both size but also nipple position with your right nipple lower along with the breast. At this point 4 months out, it would be time for a revision with a different style implant most likely and maybe an increase in size. Discuss this with your surgeon to see what options he/she will give you. 


It looks like you need a lift as your breasts appear to ptotic. Implants only add volume, they do not lif the breast to any great extent.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Unhappy with results

Thank you for your question. I usually tell my patients to wait 6 month before they can appreciate their final results. Based on your pre op photos, you appear to have ptosis which is slightly worse on the right. In this case, a Mastopexy would be needed to correct the asymmetry and give you a higher more youthful breast.  

Lisa M. DiFrancesco, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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