Mentor breast implants projection.

What would project more 300ccs mentor moderate plus or 350çcs moderate plus profile saline? Will the 350çcs look wider across base of breast ?

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Mentor breast implants projection.

There won't be any significant difference between those implants.   The difference is projection between a 300cc and 350cc will be millimeters.   If you want more projection, as most women do, I would suggest using a high profile implant.    In my opinion, the moderate plus implants are too flat and too wide for most women and is not the best shape for most women.   The higher profile implants now available are a much better fit as they will give more projection while the width remains more narrow than the moderate plus.   Wider implants will make your breasts appear wider and can make a woman appear heavy in clothing.

Ask your surgeon to discuss the other options for you.   

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The larger implant will have slightly great projection and a wider base. You may not notice too much difference.

Steven Wallach, MD
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