How long should I wait after a tummy tuck to wear a corset? (photo)

In less than a month I am going to be having a tummy tuck and lipo to the flank area. I want to achieve a small waist and I heard that the body is like pudding after and is easier to shape so I wanted to purchase a corset but I want to make sure that it will be safe to use after the tt and lipo. I do not want to spend money right now that I do not have to. Below are pictures of what I was thinking of wearing buying to wear after my surgery. Thanks!

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Tummy Tuck

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It looks you start with good body shape. Hopefully with the tummy tuck you can achieve a body similar to the body in corsete. There are some maneuvers that can be done at the time of the tummy tuck to further narrow the tummy tuck. These involve component separation and narrowing the external oblique muscles. It is not part of the tummy tuck usually.

Samir Shureih MD.FACS.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

How long should I wait after a tummy tuck to wear a corset?

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Thank you for your question, after the surgery you will be assigned a garment, every Plastic Surgeon manages a different model, in my opinion a corset will be too tight, and it may prevent proper blood circulation, oxygen you the skin, and open stitches if having the Tummy Tuck. I would advice to wear the suggested garment by your Doctor, and once your body has healed completely, ask Him/Her about using the corset.

Salvador Pantoja, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Compression garments?

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I do not think a corset will help "mold" the body after a tummy tuck. The compression garments in my mind help minimize swelling and fluid collections rather than mold.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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