Should I have keloids removed ? (Photo)

Hello , I had a mommy make over about 5 months ago. My incisions have keloid and I am wondering if my plastic surgeons treatment is the best option. He has been treating it with cortisone injections as well as triamcinolone acetonide. I have seen very little improvement, should I consider getting them surgically removed at this point or wait it out ?

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Still Healing and lasers, 5fu +/- injections, excision for scar treatment

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5 months is still soon and these may improve some. Injections with or without 5FU, laser treatments (pulsed dye laser/ Excel V/fraxel), or surgical excision +/- radiation may all be used in combination to improve these. I recommend a formal evaluation with a scarring expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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You appear to have scar hypertrophy.  Scars can take a full year to settle down but this is not what I would expect five months after surgery.  I wonder whether you could have a reaction to the suture material.  You are fair skinned and this typically results in excellent healing.  Serial excision of sections with fine plastic closure may be an option if you do not respond to conservative treatment. 

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