I was offered same day surgery for bracioplasty and butt implants. Is this a good idea?

He is board certified and I do trust him. However, I live in an area where the desire for butt implants is not high. He says he only does 6-8 per year. I'm worried about doing both at the same time. Thoughts?

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Buttock implants along with brachioplasty

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There is no problem in doing these procedures together, you will be able to use your arms after a brachioplasty. 

If you would like somebody with more experience, I have been performing buttock implants and brachioplasty for over 10 years. Please see link below. We provide out-of-town accommodations. 

Buttock augmentation

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NO.  This is a terrible idea. reason #1: You will need full use of your arms after the buttock augmentation procedure as you will rely on your arms to assist you in sitting, standing and laying.  After the brachioplasty procedure you will not have full use of your arms for a few days.    #2.  ONLY have your buttock augmentation by a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in the procedure.  You are in PA, I have patients from your area come to see me quite often.  I provide patients with a whole list of hotel suggestions that range in price to make it more affordable.  Its worth the cost to have your surgery in NYC. 

Butt implants surgery with brachioplast

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Dear Deb.

   You have raised 2 very good questions. In regard to butt implants surgery, you have to realize that not all results are the same, because there are different techniques and different implants. Additionally, experience, skills and aesthetic eye are critical for good outcome.

     It sounds like your surgeon is not very experienced with butt implants surgery, so,  even though he is board certified plastic surgeon, butt implants surgery requires expertise( I performed butt implant surgery on well over 500 patients)  , to avoid bad result and need for corrective surgery. Check his before and after pictures in the photo gallery, to make sure that they are numerous, consistent and attractive with nice projection, nice hips' curves and natural look. Also, check the reviews on 'RealSelf' for ratings and positive experience reports.

   In regard to performing butt implants surgery and brachioplasty at the same time, I do not see any problems with it, as long as the brachioplasty is done first. That is  because it is not best practice to have the patient lie on her back for 2-3 hours after the butt implants surgery (while doing brachioplasty ) with the risk of breaking the intergluteal wound, which can bring infection and implants removal.

                        Best of luck,

                                            Dr Widder

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Brachioplasty and butt implants

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Both can be done at the same time.  It really depends upon your overall health and the amount of time expected in surgery.

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