I want to go back to saline from silicone. Doctor is against due to feel of saline. I disagree. I had saline and liked

Currant stats: 5'1" 122lbs 15btw 1st BA saline Max fill 375cc diam. 10.7 pro 6.0 I like the feel even though i have lil natural breast tissue 2nd BA redo silicone 750cc 15 diam. 6.0 proj Want projection. I hate the width same projection as before Getting revision I want to go back to saline Max fill 550cc diam. 12.1 6.9 projection Understanding my risk of rippling and feel But I like the size and stats better Also I don't need a mri every week years. Doctor is against me going back to saline

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Saline implants

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It is your choice which type of implant you want. As long as you understands the risks and benefits of each implant, it is your choice.

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I want to go back to saline from silicone. Doctor is against due to feel of saline.

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Assuming you have given a lot of thought to your decision, and fully understand the pros/cons associated with saline versus silicone gel breast implants,  then I do not see why you should not be able to undergo the revisionary breast surgery you are considering.  Again, make sure that you understand your plastic surgeon's rationale behind his recommendations;  then, make your decisions carefully. It may be necessary to seek additional consultations with well experienced board certified plastic surgeons as well. Best wishes.

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