How can I get the look I want? My goal was cleavage and volume. I'm 7 mo post-op. 752cc mod+ silicone. Chest width 14.5 (Photo)

My main goal was to get cleavage. I still have NO cleavage. Even in a push up bra I don't get cleavage. Before I could have cleavage in a push-up bra. My breast implants are so far to the side they don't fit in my bra. Please tell me what I can do to get to the results I want. I spoke with my Dr and he said we can try a larger saline implant but he doesn't even think that will help. Please help me I have wanted this for so long and finally got it and I think my breasts are worse now than before.

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Cleavage is determined a lot by your anatomy. You can cheat it a bit with implants.  Best of luck.....

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The pictures that you show are unattainable with your body shape and what you have for natural breasts. You probably should have went with a HP or UHP style implant for more projection if you want more a unnatural/fake look, however, you have lots of natural breast tissue, so it will be difficult either way. Several of the wish pics you showed are woman that are more implant than breast, something you will never be able to achieve(nor would you want to I hope).

Not realistic

I am sorry to say that your goals are not realistic. The photos that you would like to emulate are of very thin women with large breast implants where the entire look of the chest wall is the implant. Your breasts have much more tissue and have migrated outward as they have descended downward. Only with a breast lift can you move the breast back towards the middle to create the look that you want. With as much breast tissue as you have, you cannot have the look of a woman who is all breast implant. I would discuss these options with your chosen plastic surgeon.

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