7 months post op, what exact procedure (and its cost) would be needed to fix my nose tip? (photos)

Here is a picture of my nose after I had surgery. I liked it very much: injury caused me to have another surgery. Bad result. I wanted it fixed but now I hate it, the tip looks way worse than first surgery. What could be done for me to get a result more like the first surgery specifically? Elevation, reduced columella? Cost? And is there a non-surgical yet permanent filler to fill an indentation of one side of my bridge also? I'm about 7 months post op. I know it's not a year but it's awful.

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revision rhinoplasty candidate for columellar show and crooked nose

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 Its best to wait at least a year before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty procedure to ensure full healing has taken place before performing another rhinoplasty. When there is excess columellar show, a columellar- plasty is performed. This involves trimming back prominent cartilage from the caudal septum as well as trimming back  excess skin on the inside of the columella. The indentation which gives the appearance of a crooked nose is  can be repaired with a cartilage graft harvested from inside the nose to help with the indented upper lateral cartilage area. This is called a spreader graft. For many examples of crooked nose repair and  reducing the columellar show, please see the link below

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