Everything okay since evacuation of hematoma? I had a breast augmentation on June 17th. (photo)

385cc silicone submuscular. On June 21, I had surgery again for evacuation of a hematoma to the right breast. Since the second surgery, my right breast feels much tighter than the left when standing/laying but when I bend over it feels loose? Could this just be that the right breast is a little behind because of the second surgery? I guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance that everything is okay, as I'm very nervous since the hematoma.

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Sound normal at this point

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Your doctor can see you and answer this better because he or she can examine you. A hematoma will cause additional swelling and inflammation. This is what you are probably noticing. I agree with other post that compression exercises may help. Good Luck!

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Everything okay since evacuation of hematoma? I had a breast augmentation on June 17th.

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It sounds as though your surgeon is handling everything correctly by evacuating hematoma.  Follow closely with your plastic surgeon and ask if breast implant displacement exercises  can be helpful to soft and the right breast.   It is far too early for capsular contraction to occur on the right side  and there may be internal swelling  causing  that side to feel firmer.

Everything okay since evacuation of hematoma?

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Evacuating the hematoma will cause more inflammation and swelling at this time.   Try to be patient everything will settle down and you should have good symmetry between the breasts. 

Be sure to follow your surgeon's post-op guidelines.  Also be sure to be open with him/her about your concerns as they will be able to answer your questions better than us since he/she can examine you.

Hope this helps.

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Often a hematoma causes more inflammation and it may take a bit longer for that one breast to settle. 

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From looking at your picture it would appear that everything is as it should be. It is still very early after your surgery and there is swelling that has to resolve and healing that has to yet occur. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. 

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Sorry to hear about your hematoma but glad you had it treated.  Blood in the implant pocket will cause inflammation which will present much like you describe.  This will definitely  cause the right side heal at a much slower rate compared to the other side.   Studies show that you have a higher rate of capsular contracture  after a hematoma.  Ask your surgeon if he recommends medications (accolate) or therapy like massage or ultrasound to minimize this risk.  

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