Inverted T Scar Not Healing? (photo)

I had a mastopexy and augmentation 4 weeks ago and I had an opening under my left breast and my surgeon had said just keep in dry and clean no neosporin or anything and he don't need to see me until December. I'm just concerned as I feel like the opening is getting bigger. Any advice.

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Inverted T Scar Not Healing after Augmentation and Lift?

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It is difficult to tell from your photo what is going on, but there is an obvious opening at the incision. All open wounds will heal over time. If you only had a lift with no underlying implant, the treatment would be to allow the wound to heal over time and possibly revise the scar if necessary. The risk here, though, is if the implant becomes exposed through this opening, as this will usually result in infection and the need to remove the implant and leave it out for months before replacing.  This is a problem that no one wants to experience.  If you have a small superficial opening with no implant exposure, no sudden drainage of fluid (possibly signaling the exposure of the implant pocket), and no signs of infection, it could be followed CLOSELY and allowed to heal with proper wound care. If the wound is getting larger, as you mentioned, or any of the above signs are noted, your surgeon needs to see you right least in my opinion.

Inverted T Scar Opening Getting Larger

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Yes, the T junction is a common area for delayed healing.  But if the opening is getting larger, see your surgeon soon.  Not in December.  Local wound care is a wonderful thing.  But you need to see your surgeon.  Good luck!

Inverted T scar not healing

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The photos is very blurry, but usually local wound care alone will often be sufficient.  Best to stay on top of this so that the implant does not get exposed or infected.


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Aggressive local wound care of normal saline wet to dry gauze may help. But best to follow your surgeon's advise 

Open wound at the base of the inverted T

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This is a common area to have  delayed healing. It is due to tension and compromise of the blood supply to these tips of skin.  There can also be an underlying buried suture causing the problem.  Given time it will heal.  

Inverted T Scar Not Healing

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It is quite common for a small area of breakdown to occur at the "T" junction of a breast lift or reduction. Unfortunately the photo is too out of focus to see much other than redness. If this is not getting better over 1-2 weeks, call back and ask to be reevaluated.Chances are this will close up promptly. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Slow healing wound and breast implants

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Any time there is a slow healing breast wound associated with underlying implants, close monitoring and wound care is paramount in preventing exposure or infection of the implant. Thank you for sharing your photo and concerns. Best wishes.

Inverted T Scar Not Healing?

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This wound should heal over time with the proper care. It may need to be cleaned out (debrided) in the office. You should have some sort of dressing on this to help keep it clean. Keep an eye open for infection.

Breast Augmentation and Lift

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From the photo it's a bit difficult to tell but the concern would be exposure of the implant which can be a disaster. I would want to see any patient like this back in my office frequently until it was completely healed. It never hurts to call the office and express your concerns that the wound is getting bigger or not healing. Good luck!

Minor wound healing after mastopexy requires close supervision when breast implant involved.

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Picture demonstrates a relatively minor wound that should heal uneventfully. The fact that there is a breast implant in the vicinity means it needs to be carefully monitored.

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