Help Which Type of Surgery for my Larger but Sagging Breasts? (photo)

Hi, I am 5'5 1/4 145lbs having a full TT and having a large softball sized lipoma from my shoulder in 2 wks time. I'd like to have my breasts fixed and at this time I'm a 34 D though I believe a lot of what I have is excess skin implants needed nor no? I've not yet asked my PS to do my breasts as per my other surgeries. However I want back my PRE baby body! I am 39 children are all 12yrs and older. I BF all 3 of them, I do have a small cyst in right breast (ultrasound /no problems w/cyst)THANKS!

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Breast lift with Tummy Tuck

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Great question. Many women like you express the same concerns of sagging breasts and loose abdominal skin after pregnancy. Tummy tuck and breast lift are commonly performed together to restore your pre baby body. If you want fullness in the upper pole of the breast, a small breast implant will need to be added with the lift. This will help to give you the cleavage you might desire. 

Breast lift for sagging breasts

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Hi! Thank you for your question.

I am Dr. Speron, a proud member of both the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).  I am also certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Breast surgery and tummy tucks are often done at the same operation. This is sometimes called the Mommy Makeover. These two procedures can be done safely together. Your recovery may be a little longer that if each is done separately. One of the benefits of this is to avoid going under anesthesia twice.

Otherwise I would suggest waiting at least 3 months in between procedures.
If you have sagging breasts, a breast lift procedure is what you want to tighten, lift and reconfigure your breasts. If you want to also be larger or fuller, a breast augmentation can be done at the same time. Conversely, if you also want to be smaller, then a breast reduction is the procedure that you want - it not only lifts but also reduces the size of the breasts. Breast implants by themselves only increase volume, they don't lift the tissues.

I would advise that you visit your board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation.

I have provided a direct link below for additional information and before and after pictures.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 847.696.9900 for a private consultation.

Best of luck and have a great day!
Dr. Speron

Sam Speron, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

What is the best procedure for this type of Sagging breasts?

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I think the best procedure for you is a breast lift with auto-augmentation. It is difficult to maintain a long term upper pole fullness after a standard breast lift procedure. I use the tissue from the lower half of the breast and transfer volume to the upper pole of the breast, then an anchor scar lift is performed.

Addressing Sagging Breast After Breast Feeding.

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Great question and a common problem.  You have a very typical appearance after breast feeding. You have a significant degree of ptosis or sagging.  The least you will need is a breast lift, which is also called a mastopexy.  You appear to have adequate breast volume for your body.  If you are interested in increasing your breast size, then an implant would be needed.  Best of luck.  


Dr. Berardi, M.D.  Scottsdale, AZ

Joseph C. Berardi, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon

Vertical Breast Lift Best Choice

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Your best choice is a vertical breast lift with a "lollipop" shaped scar.  I don't think you need implants as you have plenty of breast tissue to give you perky, youthful breasts that will better fit your slimmer figure.

Eric Sadeh, MD
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

For sagging breasts, an augmentation/mastopexy works best

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Wow, that is a large lipoma.  Yes, you are a great candidate for a tummy tuck.  For your breasts, I would recommend a vertical breast lift and simultaneous implants.  The vertical lift will correct the sagging and the implants (small ones) will restore your lost upper pole fullness.  You do not need to be any larger overall - your breasts just need more fullness up top and less on the bottom. 

Surgeons have tried pushing the breast tissue up to creat upper pole fullness, but implants actually work best.  The lift will also reduce your overly wide areolae.  The breast surgery will complement your abdominoplasty and help give you the desirable hourglass figure you once had, the "mommy makeover."  I've attached a link to the breast lift section of my website so you can look at some results.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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A Mommy Make over is what you are looking to have, definitely have your breast done at the same time.

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Combining breast surgery with a tummy tuck and liposuction of your hips and abdomen is a great combination to do all at the same time. This is usually called a Mommy Make over or how to get your PreBaby Body back. If you are happy with the size of your smaller breast then a vertical breast lift with a little reduction of the larger breast will give you a great result. If you would like to be a little bigger then you could have implants at the same time. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Breast size and perkiness

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There are three issues to consider: size, shape and position. 

Size - If you feel your breast are large, a breast reduction can be utilized. Breast reductions include a breast lift as part of the procedure.

Shape - If you would like more fullness in the upper breast, a low profile implant could enhance the shape.

Position - To raise the breasts, a breast lift is used.

The "ideal" result, and your desired result may differ, so be certain to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure. Seek a board certified plastic surgeon in your area who has lots of breast experience.

Joseph Mele, MD
Walnut Creek Plastic Surgeon
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Help Which Type of Surgery for my Larger but Sagging Breasts? (photo)

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Your plastic surgeon would love to give you back your pre-baby body.

Remember, though, that we are talking about surgery, not magic.

I would recommend for your breasts a vertical (or lollipop) breast lift with a small implant.

The lift will decrease the size of your areolas and raise the level of the nipples.

The implant will provide some fullness of the upper pole; this is very, very important to patients after a breast lift. I don't believe that breast tissue can be shifted upward in any reliable fashion. In my opinion only an implant can do this.

All the best.

Help Which Type of Surgery for my Larger but Sagging Breasts

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You need a full lifting with or without a small implant. Best to read all the posting here to see each opinion. 

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