Will having anxiety cause an issue with me getting surgery ?

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Thank you for your question.

It Is important to be open and honest with your plastic surgeon about your anxiety. They may require you to get a clearance from your medical doctor to clear you for surgery or have an anti-anxiety medication prescribed for you to take prior to your surgery to ease your nerves and calm and relax you. It is best to have any medical or mental illnesses under control before undergoing elective cosmetic procedures. Best of luck.

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All patients experience some degree of anxiety when having surgery whether it is essential or elective. It will not hinder your ability to have surgery. Talk candidly with your Plastic Surgeon and also discuss your concerns with your Anesthesiologist. There are many ways we manage anxiety prior to any procedure. Best wishes. 

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Anxiety and surgery

It is absolutely normal for people to be a bit nervous prior to a procedure.  People prone to anxiety may sometimes need a medication like Xanax or such in low doses sometime before and after the procedure. 

Discuss this with your plastic surgeon.
Best of luck!

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Speak to your surgeon and anesthesiologist.  You may need extra medication around the time of your surgery.  Also, sometimes people with anxiety need extra pain medications after.  It shouldn't affect your results.  

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