Fat Grafting to the Breast Why Are So Many Doctors Against It? Please Help with the Pro's and Con's

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Fat grafting for Augmentation

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Breast implants are still the best way for breast enlargement especially if a large volume is necessary.

New York Plastic Surgeon

I do not recommend fat grafting to the breasts

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There are risks associated with fat grafting to the breasts including fat absesses and potential for the grafts to obscure or mask breast cancers. These both, in my opinion, take precedence over the question of whether a skilled plastic surgeon is capable of performing the procedure itself.

Fat grafting to enlarge the breast is a reasonable alternative to breast implant and is safe and effective in the right hands

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Fat grafting to enlarge your breast is a good and safe in the hands of an experienced fat grafter. The problem with the procedure is the limitation of the amount of fat that can successfully be placed in a non pre treated breast. There for it will take several sessions to give you a significant breast enlargement. On the other hand you can have your breast pre treated with a Bravo Bra. This is a plastic device that you need to wear on your breast for 4-6 hours for a month before your surgery and for a month after. This is a bra which puts your breast in suction device which will actually change the breast and make it able to accept more fat and make it much more likely to be successful in one procedure. Most of my patients after hearing about this pre and post op bra care chose to have a simple breast implant. 

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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Breast implants are usually a better option for breast augmentation than fat injection.

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Fat grafting to the breast is a hot topic.  Traditionally it has been frowned upon, but lately there has been increased interest.  Fat injection in general is a good idea.  I use it regularly in the face and buttocks.  However, it is not usually a good alternative to breast implants.  First, it may not be possible to harvest enough fat from a thin woman.  Also, not all of the fat survives.  Some gets absorbed.  It usually takes at least two treatments to make a substantial difference.  Implants tend to produce better fullness of the upper poles precisely because they are different from breast tissue (in this case, in a good way) and hold the shape better.  Fat injection is likely to be more expensive because more than one treatment is needed.  Today, breast implants are safer than they were in the past.


There are occasional women for whom fat injection may be the best option.  But most are better and more reliably treated with implants.

Eric Swanson, MD
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon
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More and more surgeons are doing it...

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I agree with the docs on here and do not do fat transfers to the breast.  Despite all of the newer techniques, to me if it masks cancer in one patient, it isn't worth it.  Thus, I have not done it.  More and more docs are doing it so speak with them in consultation if you like the idea.  I believe implants work very well and are safe, and so will stick with implants.  Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon
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