What Should I Expect at a Diagnostic Mammo 2.5 Months Post BR?

BR was done 8/17/12; pathology showed DCIS grade3 in one breast. Have to have dx mammo and mri in early november for treatment planning. am scared about the mammo in terms of pain, breasts till have some swellling /harndess in some areas. overall healing has been good. will it hurt more than a regular mammo? PS thinks timing is ok (since have to get imaged for the cancer...) and I trust that; just want to prepare myself mentally for this. thx

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Breast reduction can save your life if it picks up an ealy breast cancer.

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Have the mammogram and the MRI ASAP, and do not worry.  Probably very little extra pain due to reduction.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Mammogram after breast reduction

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My first reaction is thank goodness you had that breastd reduction because it enabled early diagnosis of your ductal carcinoma! Mammograms can hurt but the need here far outweighs any discomfort. In terms of healing from the procedure, so long as your plastic surgeon feels that you can undergo the procedure, then you shouldn't hesitate. Wishing you a successful outcome.

Mammography 2.5 months after breast reduction

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If you are healed from your breast reduction, it should be OK to undergo a mammogram at this time.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Diagnostic mammogram after breast reduction

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Your mammogram 'baseline' is altered by breast reduction, and though the breast still might feel a bit stiff, with care the mammographer can do a comfortable study. Much might lean on the MRI which will be more sensitive than the mammogram. DCIS is not invasive, though is a big worry. A pre-reduction mammogarm might not catch all such lesions, though to all reading, a mammogram before breast reduction is sound plan.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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