Effect of Radiation for Breast Cancer on Breast Reduction Scars?

Had BR midAugust 2012, pathology found DCIS grade3 in right breast. additonal testing shows no other disease. May need radiation to reduce recurrence, would start Jan 2013. Generally healing well at this point, some tightness under breasts where scars are, no other complications from BR. non smoker. Question is: what effect of radiation would be on the scars from BR? Concerned that scars would become redder/tougher /irriated due to radiation. would appreciate comments- thanks

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Radiation and Breast Changes after Breast Reduction

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   External beam radiation will have an impact upon the breast tissue.  This varies patient to patient.  The scars may be affected and the quality of the skin will usually be compromised as well.  Sometimes, the shape of the breast is changed as well and can appear constricted.

Radiation and scar issues

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Yes, the radiation treatment may cause your breast scars to become firmer and angrier looking.  Hard to say for sure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Effect of therapeutic radiation on breast reduction scars

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You are correct that the scars can become thicker due to irradiation. How this will ultimately affect your result would depend upon the amount of radiation required, among other factors. However, I must encourage you to focus on what is important here: that your disease can be treated with radiation, rather than surgical intervention and the goal of the treatment. Best wishes to you.

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