Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants? (photo)

I have 800 cc under the muscle silicone implants . I got them done dec 30,15 I'm 5'9 & I weigh 145 Why is ther ripples under my nipples? Why are they so low on my chest?

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Double bubble

You have a double bubble on each side. This is because the implants were too big for you.  You will need a revision with smaller implants.

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Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants?

Judging from the photo it looks like you have a "double bubble".  This occurs when a large implant is used and in order to create a large enough pocket the fold under the breast needs to be released.  In some cases the original fold persists, which is the case in your case.  It requires a secondary procedure to fix this and it will probably require smaller implants.

For you and for other readers of this response larger implants are associated with more problems than more conservative sized implants.

Best of luck.

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Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants?

You have what is called a double bubble.  This happens when the fold beneath her breast the inframammary crease is violated in the implant migrates down below the fold.  You are seeing the fold which represents the bottom of your breast tissue.  This happens when extremely large implants are used and the surgeon has to create a very large pocket to accommodate the implant.  This can be repaired but you will have to have much smaller implants. To understand more please read the link below:

Double bubble

800 cc is a large implant!  Your surgeon might have lowered  your breasts trying to compensate for the sag.  Were your breasts sagging prior to your surgery.  There are many causes of a double bubble.  Please contact your board certified plastic surgeon for additional information.

Double Bubble


Thank you for your question and photo. It appears that you have constricted skin underneath the areolas which has not expanded enough to accommodate the large implants that you have. I recommend that you see your Plastic Surgeon in person to discuss these concerns and options you may have for correction. All the best

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Double bubble

These were very large implants for your breasts and they have extended beyond your normal inframammary fold.  This causes a double bubble.  I would recommend a smaller implant and reconstructing your inframammary fold for a nice breast shape.  

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Double bubble

you have an obvious double bubble. there are several ways to fix this. you need to go back to your surgeon.  inthe meantime wear good support because with your size implants it will get worse.

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Follow-up Question: What is wrong with my boob implants?

This looks like a double bubble which may improve over time. If it does not, see your plastic surgeon. I suspect you have a tight crease under your breast that did not stretch out. 

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A breast augmentation will lower the level of the inframammary fold a small amount for most procedures. A small amount of abdominal skin is recruited to cover the lowest position of the breast implant. In this case, due to the large implant, several centimeters of abdominal skin was recruited. You can see the transition where the breast fold was and the increased thickness above the fold produced by the preexisting breast tissue.  Contact your operative surgeon for options to improve the situation. 

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