Is there a surgery that is able to completely transform both labia majora and minora to look exactly like someone else's?

I've looked all over the Internet and have yet to find an answer to my question. Please help :)

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Transforming your labia?

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There is a trend to have less prominent labia, but this is a matter of choice and there are no medical reasons to do so other than improving your appearance down there. Candidates for a Labiaplasty procedure are women who are concerned about the appearance of their labia or experience discomfort due to exceptionally large or long labia of either the inner our outer lips. Labia unevenness can result in discomfort with intimate contact, chronic rubbing, as well as psychological discomfort, which leads to the inability to wear certain types of tight clothing. Most women live with these symptoms, and actually are not even aware that a certain surgical procedure exists to help to correct this problem and restore their femininity.

You cannot create an identical copy of someone else's labia

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Put down the Kool Aid and embrace reality. No two people can be made completely identical in any detail. You can be made similar, but not identical.

Labiaplasty "to look exactly like someone else's?"

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Although significant and sometimes drastic improvements can be made from labiaplasty surgery, one can never promise to make a patient look exactly like another. Please read on for more details:

Keep in mind that a physical exam is first always necessary before recommending any surgery. Nonetheless, your story and concerns are in good company with almost ever other patient that undergoes labiaplasty and/or clitoral hood reduction (aka hoodectomy) and experiences a major boost in (sexual) self-confidence and pleasure thereafter.  In a multi-center peer reviewed study I was involved in back in 2009, 98% of labiaplasty patients were satisfied with their results and had an improved sexual experience post-operatively.  

Labiaplasty, which most commonly involves surgical reduction of the labia minora (inner/thinner lips) but not infrequently trimming or tucking of the labia majora (outer/thicker lips), has become a relatively common procedure over the last ten and even more so last five years.  Most commonly it is done under light sedation (aka twighlight sleep) with local anesthesia, in which case the patient should feel no pain during the operation.  Whether the surgery is done using a laser, scalpel, or scissors does not really matter but what does matter is "symmetry".  Symmetry is the most important aspect to the final aesthetic result.  Most women, just like yourself, prefer to have as much of the darker pigmented edges removed as possible.  Also, it's not how much tissue is removed but how much is left remaining because a certain amount is necessary to maintain proper form and function - typically ~10 mm or so of the dry part of the labia.  To achieve these three most important elements, I have found that the "Trim Method" satisfies best.  It is extremely important to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in this operation (does at least 1 - 2 per week).  It may cost you a bit more but it is this type of result you will want to live with for the rest of your life.  Typical (all inclusive) fee at my office/surgery center is $4500.
Although there is no guarantee, women frequently do seek clitoral hood reduction (Hoodectomy) to improve exposure of the clitoris and hence better stimulation during sexual activity. By removing some of the excess &/or redundant skin concealing the clitoris, it becomes more readily exposed to sexual stimulation and hence a heightened sexual experience/orgasm is possible.  Sometimes I recommend adding hoodectomy to labiaplasty to better harmonize the aesthetic outcome.  Again, the key is seek consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist who performs this procedure regularly (>2-3 x/month) so that just the right amount of tissue is removed and just the right amount remains such that the clitoris is not constantly exposed and rubbing on clothing, etc... Typical fee for a hoodectomy is ~$3000 but reduced to about half that price if done along with a labiaplasty.
Now for recovery, because the labia tissue is so robust with blood supply it has an amazing ability to heal relatively quickly.  Most patients are sore for 4-5 days before things start to get a lot better from there.  Some patients can resume work before this time depending upon their occupation.  No exercise for two weeks, no baths/jacuzzi or swimming for 3 weeks, and no sexual activity for typically 4 weeks.  My patients are given an oral pain medication such as Vicodin or Percocet but icing the area for the first 48 hours and applying some custom  made take-home topical local anesthetic cream seems to work the best.  Glad to help.

Ryan A. Stanton, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
4.8 out of 5 stars 128 reviews

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Can a genital plastic/cosmetic surgery make your vulva look just like another's?

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Yes, it is possible- but, read on!  A true Genital Plastic "artist" can take his or her palate (your vulva), their paints (technique, knowledge and experience) and your desires and produce a piece of artwork, taking carefully in mind the "commission" (s)he has received. Can your surgeon produce a exact reproduction? Oohh, take care. Your "artist" has only YOUR PALATE to work with, and no surgeon, even those few of us who have performed hundreds or thousands of cases, can not "guarantee" a specific outcome, which is affected by the vagaries of individual healing and OF COURSE by your anatomy. I have performed >650 labiaplaties. Those women who have been truly satisfied and glory in their "new" labia are those women with reasonable, BUT NOT SPECIFIC expectations. Those patients who are dissatisfied, even in the face of pretty amazing results, are those women who want it to look "...just like that!" Take care...

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

New look with labial reduction

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If there is a significant amount of extra skin at the labia minora and majora, you will see a dramatic change after surgery. Altho you can have an idea of what you would like your vagina to look like, you will need to discuss with your surgeon proper expectations. Everyone's anatomy is slightly different and therefore no two vagina's will be alike even after surgery but you can typically obtain close to what you desire.

Is there a surgery that is able to completely transform both labia majora and minora to look exactly like someone else's?

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It would really depend. If you are similar enough to your ideal then it may be possible to get it close, but its unlikely to have an exact replica. Even twin's don't have identical vaginas so expecting an absolutely perfect copy of the other person's vagina would be setting you up to be very unhappy after surgery. Hope that helps! 

Mathew A. Plant, MD, FRCSC
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
4.9 out of 5 stars 40 reviews


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The answer to your question is maybe, depending on what you desire. Labiaplasty and vulvoplasty enhance the aesthetic beauty of your genital areas. Generally I prefer my method of doing the procedure, called a modified posterior wedge technique. Check the link below for more information and let us know if we can help. 

Labia Majora and Labia Minora

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Thank you for your question.  One cannot match exactly the labia of one person with another person.  However, you can discuss what your goals are with an experienced cosmetic genital surgeon and in order to determine if the goals can be attempted to be met.  You may have to travel to meet the surgeon that you are comfortable with to perform the surgery.    

Best of luck.     

Jeffrey S. Palmer, MD, FACS, FAAP (Cosmetic Urologist -- Cleveland, Ohio)

Surgery to match someone else's labia appearance

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Your goal is generally not attainable. This is because everybody's anatomy differs. Although the surgical techniques that we use are very sophisticated, there are limitations  as to what can be accomplished. Factors such as the amount of tissue redundancy, the quality of the tissue, the structure of your genitalia in relation to your pelvis can all affect the appearance.    My advice to you is to stop trying to be like someone else!   If there are specific issues related to your labia that you are unhappy with, seek a consultation from a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in this area. He or she can discuss your options with you. Best wishes to you! 

Erik Miles, MD, FACS
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 35 reviews

Is there a surgery that is able to completely transform both labia majora and minora to look exactly like someone else's?

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Thank you for sharing your question.  In general it is not possible to match another person's physical appearance of any body part, as the natural anatomic differences between us prevent that.  Whether with a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or labiaplasty a surgeon can only work within the confines of the tissue that is present and can not substantially alter/transform them into another appearance.  There are several techniques that can be employed to improve upon a given appearance, but this requires an in-depth discussion as to your goal results.  Hope this helps.

Nelson Castillo, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
5.0 out of 5 stars 80 reviews

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