What is the best option to fix my teeth? (photos)

I had braces on for a year and a half. I got an invisaline for a retainer and wore it for a year then my teeth started shifting up and my retainer didn't fit anymore so I had to stop wearing it. Then the two teeth that shifted up moved behind all my other teeth. Also my top tooth has a chip in it so it makes my top teeth look crooked when they're not.

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Orthodontic Options

In any case, braces are typically the best option for aligning your teeth.    There are several other cosmetic options such as clear aligner products (invisalign®) and lingual (behind the teeth) options.  In my experience, most patients that had facial or visible braces that experienced relapse would like to consider the cosmetic options to re-align their teeth.

Another factor to consider is the plan for retention.  A removable retainer works well when worn as prescribed.  I think most orthodontists would agree that long term and possibly life time retention would be required to maintain the alignment of your teeth. There are many different factors that may be responsible for tooth movements over the years. 

A permanent bonded lingual (behind the teeth) retainer may also be considered in your case.  I would recommend discussing re-treatment options and long term retention options with your orthodontist.   

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Complete Orthodontic Re-treatment

This is a "Classic" case of relapse due to not wearing your retainer. When a patient does not wear their retainer for even a brief time, teeth will begin to move in some cases. By the time the patient finds their lost retainer or decides to start wearing it again, it does not fit anymore.You may easily be treated with Invisalign or conventional orthodontics, but you will have to pay the full fee charged by the dentist or orthodontist. Since you have had relapse once, you would probably have it again if you do not wear your retainers as directed the second time you have orthodontic therapy. If you wear your retainers, everything should stay in place and you will maintain a great, functional smile.Douglas Jopling, DDSDallas, TX area


Unfortunately the teeth can shift if retainers are not worn to stabilize the position. Your current situation would best be treated with orthodontics. You may choose conventional braces, or clear aligners, like the invisalign.Once the teeth are in their correct space, then you have options of fixing the chip with simple bonding to correct.All the best,

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