Can Penile Girth Be Enhanced with HA Filler?

I have had Peyronie's Disease for 2+ years, w/ severe effects on my penile size & shape. I have lost ~3/4" of girth. I found a recent study from Korea with men successfully injected w/ HA filler in the penis. But the MDs on here seem to disagree w/ injections in this area. Why is HA not safe to inject in the penis? It wasn't considered safe in the tear trough at first. Now, it's standard. The article is below.

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Bad experience with other fillers makes everyone gun shy

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There was an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery several months back about use of another filler, Artecol, in the manner you described in South America. The complications were disasterous. Skin loss, extrusion of the product, I don't think I need to go on...You are 100% right, we have changed our philosophy on the tear trough but, it took a long time to do so. Whether its autologous fat or an off the shelf filler, no surgeon wants to deal with the potential complications this presents.

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