My surgery is on 4/3 I'm getting 650cc mp saline implants, still not sure if they would be too big :( (photo)

My surgery is on 4/3 I'm getting saline implants under the muscle 650cc mp I'm 35yrs old 5'9 195lbs. I have 2 teenager kids and have decided it's my time now, just don't want to look offensive. I want my breast big but not out of proportion. I'm also having twightlight anesthesia because of all the horror stories from the recovery time after surgery. I hope I'm making the right decision, I need your advise please reply.

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Large saline implants under twilight anesthesia

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650cc implants are very large for augmentation. Have you tried a sizing system to see if this is the right size for you? Be aware that twilight anesthesia may not be right for you. For such large implants with a submuscular dissection, I would recommend a general anesthetic. Augmentations are typically about 1 hour of anesthesia and the recovery from anesthesia is quite short and well tolerated. Also, those implants are going to be the majority of your breast volume. This means that how they feel is very important and the bottom line is that saline implants feel very unnatural when compared to silicone implants. You may wish to consult with a few more plastic surgeons before you commit. Be sure they are board certified and avoid "the cheapest option." If you don't like your results, the correction is likely to cost twice as much to fix.

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My surgery is on 4/3 I'm getting 650cc mp saline implants, still not sure if they would be too big

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Sounds like some of your choices can be accomplished easily. Like the 650 cc size, but salines are firmer than silicone implants. And twilight anesthesia is not always the better option vs LMA light general. To me it sounds like you are using a cut rate clinic option??? Are you sure your surgeon is an American boarded PLASTIC SURGEON??? 

Large Breast Augmentation with Twilight

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I believe that 650 cc saline implants are going to feel very large and stiff on your frame. You are also going to be uncomfortable having this operation under twilight anesthesia, especially with a sub muscular position because of the amount of stretch you are going to have to endure to inflate the large sized implants. It will be worth paying more for a general anesthesia with a board certified anesthesiologist or CRNA.  Tripti Burt MD

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Avoid Round Projecting Implants in Breast Augmentation Surgery if You Dont Want The 'Augmented Look"!

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It looks to me that you are on a path that will leave you disappointed.  It sounds like you are about to have a dual-plane (under the muscle) breast augmentation with projecting saline implants that are way too big.  In my opinion there are only two reasons to use saline implants- to save money and to make the operation easier.  The sacrifice is the result- rippling is nearly always evident and they never feel like breasts rather like hard water balloons.  I NEVER use saline implants. 

The next problem is projection- this is one of the most misunderstood concepts in plastic surgery.  Although Moderate profile sounds like it would be a low profile it is much higher profile than anything I would use when trying to create a natural appearing beauty- which is my goal every time.  The most important aspect to breast implant selection is selecting an implant that will fit your breast "footprint"  High and moderate projecting implants are just too narrow to create a natural form and in the dual-plane/submuscular position they always go down and to the sides, what I call the "down and out" position.

I recommend using implants with a wide enough footprint for your chest wall and preferably anatomically shaped implants and avoiding the submuscular or dual-plane placement.  In my practice I use exclusively form stable highly cohesive anatomically shaped implants and only the subfascial placement.  These implants are about ten times the cost of saline but there is no comparison in look and feel.  The technique I use called Cold-Subfascial placement is also a much more technically demanding technique that ends up costing more but I couldnt get the beautiful results I deliver with any other technique.

In summary if you are looking for an economical augmentation a saline projecting implant in a dual-plane position is going to be the way to go, but if you are not looking for the "typical Augmented look"  then it will just end up costing you more as you will likely want a revision.  The reality is that most women are very happy with strange looking breasts as long as they are bigger.  Its just a matter of deciding what your priorities are.  ask friends of yours to show you their augmentations and decide if the spread apart low look is acceptable to you.  If its not do not stick to your current plam!  I hope this helps!

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Rian A. Maercks M.D.

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