Can a mandibular osteotomy, jaw implants and sliding genioplasty/chin implants be performed on the same surgery? (Photo)

I have a slight underbite where my lower teeth barely graze my upper teeth and I've been told that I'll eventually need a mandibular osteotomy surgery, Im currently 18 going on 19 and I've never liked my profile because I have very little chin to show and no jaw whatsoever but since Im eventually going to have this surgery I was wondering if there's a possibility that I could have jaw implants whilst getting the osteotomy and also if a sliding genioplasty is better than a chin implant in my case

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Jaw Implants and Jaw Osteotomy

Jaw angle implants should not be placed at the same time as a sagittal split osteotomy for lower jaw advancement. This increases their potential risk of infection and malposition.

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