Is Pelleve Safe for Patients with Chronic Lyme Disease?

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Pelleve non surgical Skin tightening

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Since Pelleve is gentle heat to tighten muscles I do not see any problem doing  this procedure if you have chronic Lyme Disease.

Houston Dermatologic Surgeon
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Pelleve skin tightening can help produce more collagen in patients who have Lyme disease

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Pelleve delivers non painful radiofrequency energy throught the skin surface to the deeper dermis in which your body's fibroblasts produce collagen. Heating the dermis to a threshold teperature has been proven to produce new collagen. Treatment of Lyme disease patients was not done for acquiring data during the submission process ot the FDA during the initial studies. It is not known if there is any deleterious effect on the body's defenses against the progression of lyme disease by heating up the dermis. Although I would consider this to be doubtful, until a double blind placebo-controlled were to be performed, a physician could not state the treatment is in fact safe but they may suggest it as an off-label use.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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