How can I relieve the tightness between my breasts one month post Breast Reduction?

I am one month out and I have a lot of tightness between both my breast and under in the center of both any idea how to relieve this full ness tight feeling I do ice and still doesn't help ?

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Tightness following breast surgery

This long post op ice may not help. Typically swelling subside the “tightness” will dissipate. If it does not improve in the next several weeks you should see your surgeon. Prof. Neal Handel, MD.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Chest tightness

If your tightness is an area of operation recommend the use of moist heat.  Also wearing a support bra will help take the tension off the breast and center of the chest. If the tightness continues then you need an evaluation by your plastic surgeon but over time this will get better.

Tightness after a reduction

isn't something my patients complain of.  Ask your surgeon for input and for a more thorough evaluation as to what could be causing this.  Regardless, it is not expected to anything serious and should resolve with time.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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