Would it be a good idea for breast surgery and is there a way to add weight to your body instead of taking it away?

I breast feed my kids for a few month each once I was done my breast have gotten even smaller then before I had children and seem to be getting smaller now I have a possible cyst or tumor in my left breast I also have a weight problem I excessively lose weight doctors are trying to figure out but have nothing so far I weight 87lbs

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You need to diagnose your wt loss first

Thank you for your question. Unexplained weight loss, or losing weight without trying — particularly if it's significant or persistent — may be a sign of an underlying medical disorder. Please arrange an appointment with your family doctor to make sure it's nothing serious. To add weight, you must exceed your body’s caloric requirement. You will use energy to do work, exercise, and for bodily processes. Some individuals have high metabolism rates which causes their body to use too much energy. Such people also feel warmer than usual, and can have hyperthyroidism, for example. Please keep in touch with your family doctor. Now, it is true that many women have breast wasting and volume loss following breast feeding. Breast implants are commonly desired for this reason.  In terms of getting a breast augmentation, nothing can be said without an in-person exam and consultation. I urge you to visit a board-certified plastic surgeon. That being said, if you are continually losing weight, and your breast is continually losing volume, then your breast size may not be stable, and getting a breast implant can give displeasing results at this point in time. Moreover, the “tumour” in the left breast may need to be dealt with if not benign and it is not a good idea to have the implants until that “cyst” is no longer an issue. Once you have dealt with these issues, then you may consider a breast augmentation. Hope this helps.

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Nutritional/Health Concerns


I'm sorry to hear about your health difficulties. I recommend that you continue to follow up with your primary care physician and stabilize your health concerns before considering cosmetic surgery.

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