Re-peircing nipple after augmentation: Possible?

I had my breast augmentation 10 days ago. I had my nipple pierced so had to take it out for it but when i went to put it back in i cant, the holes are still there on either side but its closed in the centre and cant get it all the way through! Can i go to a piercer and get them to re open the hole thats already there like now before it completely closes up? or do i need to wait and just get it completly re pierced later on?

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Piercing after breast augmentation

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Hi. The safest thing is to wait and get the nipple repierced after a few months, to minimise the chance of infection. When you do get the piercing done then you should use an antiseptic a few times a day on the area until it heals.

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Piercing after augmentation

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I would discuss this with your surgeon. I am not inclined to recommend any piercing this soon after surgery. Any infection that might occur, and there is a risk, could spread to the implants and result in a mess, involving removing the implants. 
Although there is no clearly defined safe time, I would wait 3 months.
All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Piercing after Breast Augmentation

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It is certainly possible to repierce your nipple after breast augmentation. An argument to give time until your breast augmentation is completely healed first is that piercings can sometimes get infected. You do not want an infection while your breast augmentation is healing.

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