A Peel, the 'Hottest New Antiaging Peel'. What is It?

My dermatologist is offering A Peel. What is it? What kind of results are you experiencing with it?

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Types of Chemical Peels and what do they do?

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Chemical peels are one in a series of skin treatments which can help improve the appearance of skin and help reverse the aging process (decrease fine lines, help even irregular pigmentation and improve skin tone).  The procedure is preformed by applying a chemical to the skin - TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid), Glycolic Acid, Phenol, etc.  The chemical will react with the outer layers of skin to dissolve these outer layers.  After a period of several days to a few weeks the deeper layers of skin will heal, forming a new skin surface (epidermis) along with new elastic and connective tissue components including collagen.  During these first few weeks the skin will be sensitive and delicate and needs to be protected from sun exposure and dessication

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