Peels Vs. Various Laser for Sun Damage and Fine Lines?

Compare the outcomes and costs of Peels, Genesis laser, fraxional laser, lime light laser , and advise the preferred method to clear up sun damage on chest and neck, fine lines on face, and some little red spots from blood vessels that show on very fair complexion. I have had the lime light once on the chest area and it really improved the discoloration. Which procedure gives the most bang for the buck? Which will erase the old chicken pox scars? I haven't tried peels yet so as for your advice. (I'm in my 50's in good health) Thank you

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Peels have a slight advantage over laser treatments for sun damage and fine lines.

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Both chemical peels and laser treatments work for sun damage and fine lines and both require typically 3-5 treatments but chem peels are about 1/2 the cost of laser treatments and are more consistent especially for darker complexioned patients. Neck and chest damage is especially difficult and probably require more sessions and also need IPL treatments for the broken capillaries.

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Treating sun damage, fine lines and chicken pox scars

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Chemical peels are generally cheaper than laser treatments but do not offer the same reliability of result or control of application. They work best for fine adynamic skin lines and mottled pigmentation from aging and sun exposure in baseline light complexioned individuals. Neither works that well for indented chicken pox scars. Those are better treated with subcision possibly with a filler to push up the indent or punch incision to push up the indent. Larger ones are not amenable to either of these and may be better treated by excision. Never having seen you or a picture of you there is no way to say with any accuracy what treatment would be best, how many sessions would be required, what results could be expected or what the cost would be.

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