Not Peeling After Day 3.. is This Normal?

i had a dual fraxel procedure done 3 days ago.. they used the higher strength fraxel for hyperpigmentation on only the "mask" area around my temples, under my eyes, and across my nose.. this area is looking quite burnt, brown, dry and leathery. also the hyperpigmentation has gotten much darker. there are no signs of peeling at all. i'm starting to get concerned that the dark spots and coarse texture will be permanent. any advice would be appreciated!

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Not peeling yet after 3 days from Fraxel Dual is fine, it will!

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You describe the correct sequence of events.  Your skin gets darker and the pigmentation looks more prominent after getting the Dual.  You should start peeling from 3-5 days after the procedure and it will usually start around the mouth and then work upward.  The cheeks might take the longest to completely peel.  When all is peeled, you skin will be smoother and less pigmented.  You must make sure the skin is moisturized before and during the peeling.

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