Do You Have to Peel for Retin A to Be Working?

I started tretinoin .05 % cream about a week ago after having used an over-the-counter retinoid cream for several years. I've been using it in the very small dose prescribed nightly and "buffer" by moisturizing first (but don't always wait the 20 minutes. Life's busy.) No flaking or redness. Will it come? Is it not working if you don't peel?

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Not peeling from Retin A

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No, peeling isn't necessary to show it's working. If you are following the doctor's orders I would think that's more important. I usually don't recommend people apply moisturizer to "buffer" it, but you do need to apply Retin A  to dry skin. I have people use it directly on dry skin but usually only 3x per week or so. Most of my patients don't experience severe dryness, irritation, or peeling that way.

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