Peel for Mid-thirties?

I am in my mid thirties and just did a series of six 12.5 percent TCA peels. I had pretty good results. I am an Asian Indian with medium dark complexion. I stuck with double layer 12.5 percent TCA as higher percentage caused pigmentation. Now, I am thinking about stopping TCA peel and contiue with maintenance chemical peel. Which peel would you recommend for mid-thirties, acne prone but otherwise fairly good skin. I would want to avoid harsh chemicals. Thanks

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Chemical peels and acne-prone skin

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Chemical peels are very helpful for acne-prone skin.  10 or 12.5% sound like reasonable and safe strengths of TCA to treat you and provide maintenance for your skin.  It is important to also use good skin care products in between treatments and sun screen.  Avoid sun so that your even complexion does not get damaged or hyper pigmented.

Melapeel for a maintenance facial chemical peel

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Your maintenance chemical peel should be one that works on pigment.  My choice would be the Melapeel to even out color and enhance collagen stimulation. 


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