Pediatric Ptosis Correction Surgery? (photo)

My son is 3 months old and has congenital ptosis. His pediatrician told us that he would grow out of it but frankly, he is a Medicaid doctor and around St. Louis they are notorious for doing the bare minimum and I don't know if he honestly believes that or is just saying it to get me out the door. Is my son too young for corrective surgery? How do I find a doctor who will perform it on a child so young? And lastly what is the process for correction and recovery time?

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Pediatric ptosis correction

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Now that's one cute baby!


Hi baby_d,


I'd agree with  you in that you'll need an evaluation with an ophthalmologist and they will tell you when best to correct this.  The real issues are:

1.  When to operate?

2.  How and with what technique?

3.  Is impairment of visual development an issue?


How's it done?

1.  Depending on severity and frontalis sling may be needed or simply and external levator advancement.  Healing is about 2 weeks for the most part but it does change over time.


Get hooked up with the residency programs at either St. Louis Univ or Washington Univ.  They likely take Medicaid and will offer more complete care.

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