Pectoralis Minor Underdevelopment

Hello, I have been told I have partial underdevelopment of the pectoralis minor muscle on only my left side, this causes the nipple to fall under the pec major and look out of place and inverted. What are my options for correcting this? Could I just do specialised execises to correct it or do I need surgery? What is the effectiveness, safety and life-span in using a hydrogel filler? Thank you

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Pectoralis minor underdevelopment and nipple inversion

I'm sorry, like Dr Skiles I'm unable to answer your question as I cannot determine what the likely problem is from your description. What you describe is not common and not something that I have seen. Some photographs illustrating the problem would assist in answering your questions.

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Pec underdeveloped

Without a picture it is really impossible to give you any kind of useful opinion. Please re-post with pictures.

Margaret Skiles, MD (retired)
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