What Happens to Your Pectoral Muscle(s) After Removing Implants Placed Subpectorally?

Do the muscles ever resume their pre-aug. state following implant removal? I want to have my implants placed subpectorally due to breastfeeding considerations and the fact I have relatively little breast tissue, but am curious how the muscle(s) covering the implants will behave once they have been removed (over the long term & assuming the implants are not replaced). I have this image in my head of a "limp," stretched-out muscle, but I imagine it would "tighten up" being that it's a muscle...

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Pec muscle with implants

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The pectoralismuscle is divided along its inferomedial attachments but the remainder is left intact. The function of the muscle is not sacrificed.  However, when you remove implants, the muscle does not re-adhere to its original attachments.

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