Too Much at One Time: pectoral implants, bicep implants, and calf implants?

I'm 18 years old, and considering getting pectoral implants, bicep implants, and calf implants done all at the same time. The implants would be small. I am in very good health, but unsure if having so many implants (6) in your body at one time would be somewhat dangerous. My doctor says it's okay, yet I'd like to get the opinions of other doctors who preform the procedures (or similar ones). I also need to get back to classes in one week; I'm not sure if the recovery would require more time off?

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Too many implants at once

I think you are asking for trouble by having that many implants placed at the same time.  You will have trouble using your arms, shoulders, and legs.

But I think the bigger question is whether it would be wise to have those implants at your age.  Especially if the implants are small, unless there is an actual muscle deformity, you should maximize the improvement you can get with exercise.  

An 18 year old who feels he needs implants to correct all of those areas needs to step back, talk with his parents and others he respects, and discuss with at least a few surgeons before going ahead with implant surgery.

But yes, that is too many implants to have at one time, especially if you need to get back to classes in one week.

Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Pectoral implants, Bicep implants, and calf implants

All these implants are fairly tolerated by most people especially when performed by "real" plastic surgeons. However, doing all at the same time may increase the risk of complications. We perform pectoral implants and bicep implants in our practice. Also doing all these at your age is also concerning to me. Wish you could share some photos. Please discuss the issue with your plastic surgeon

Stanley Okoro, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Too Much at One Time: pectoral implants, bicep implants, and calf implants?

Pectoral and calf implants tend to be fairly well tolerated and have fewer complications. It may be reasonable to combine these two. As a bodybuilder, I know that the ability of an 18 year old male to grow is tremendous, and you may want to hold on these procedures.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pec Implants/ Calf Implants / Biceps Implants

I would also recommend that you think long and hard about doing all of these procedures as an 18 year old.  I do not perform calf or biceps implants due to the higher risks and potential complications.  I do, however, perform pec implants with very nice results.  Make sure you do your research and understand all of the potential risks and complications associated with all of these procedures.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Pec, bicep and calf implants too much at once

Before you seriously consider pectoral implants, bicep implants and calf implants at the age of 18, it is best to consider if you could achieve similar results from an intensive period of working out.  Even if you think that these are the best option for you, it is very important to give excercize a chance. If you end up still choosing implants, I would consider only one body part at a time, given that you mention you need to get back to classes after one week.

Good luck--try the weights first!

Josh Korman MD

Joshua Korman, MD
Mountain View Plastic Surgeon
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