Pec Implants Equivalent?

I'm just wondering for a rough estimate of how many many lbs of muscle mass would be equivalent to medium to large pec implants. Would the visual difference be like building 5, 10 or more pounds of lean muscle mass? Thanks for your time.

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Pec Implants Equivalent?

Thank you for the interesting question. Unfortunately,  there is no way of knowing how much lean muscle mass buildup would be equivalent to medium to large pectoralis implants. As you know, a 5 pound lean muscle mass increase may look very different on person X compared to person Y.

 Again, although the question you ask is reasonable, there is no way to generalize a response that would be meaningful enough to make decisions with.

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Impossible to say

Because each person is different, it is impossible to say what the answer is.  A larger man need more muscle to cover the chest, a smaller man can do it with less muscle bulk

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Pec Implants Equivalent?

As a bodybuilder I can tell you that the weight of a very large pectoral muscle is very little. However, the increase in just a few ounces of pectoral muscle will be a noticeable increase in size.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

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