Fractional laser stretch marks

What about Pearl or Pearl Fractional for stretch marks? Which is better

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There is no laser that works for stretch marks including the Pearl.

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Stretch marks a tears in the dermis (the deeper layer of skin) and there is no laser that will fix this.  Lasers for stretch marks are a waste of money.  The Pearl laser is for mild sun damage.  For that, it works very well.

Stertch Mark Treatment

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In reality, either of these can help the appearance of strectch marks, but they will never fully remove or conceal them.  The problem is that stretch marks are tears of the skin in the deeper, dermal level.  All of the lasers work superficial to deep, so it is hard to fully ablate stretch marks completely.  The goal is to make their appearance less and blend the surrounding areas in more.  I hope this helps.

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