When Can I Have my Next Pearl Laser Treatment?

How long do I have to wait between Pearl Laser treatments as not all of my spots went away on the first treatment?

Also, I have been using the Obagi Condition and Enhance System. Is there anything I need to know before I have the Pearl treatment, i.e. do I need to discontinue use, can I have the treatment right away. Are all the products safe with the treatment? (Tretinoin cream, hydroquinone)

I have been on Obagi for 4 weeks. My skin feels very thin, is there a chance that I could burn? Thank you.

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Talk to your dermatologist

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I usually wait 3 months between Pearl treatments and two is the most I have done (or needed to do) in any one year. I have patients discontinue retinoids for one week prior to treatment, but I would defer to your dermatologist or plastic surgeon who is your Pearl provider. Sunscreens are very important to use between and after the Pearl procedure.

New Orleans Dermatologist
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Pearl laser treatments are staggered by 4 weeks if more than one is needed.

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I use the Pearl laser (not fractional). It is excellent for skin discoloration from sun damage. If a patient will benefit from more than one treatment, I usually do this about 4 weeks after the first. One can wait as long as one wishes, of course, but I think repeat treatments should be no earlier than 3 to 4 weeks.

As regards other treatment concurrently, since there is nothing in the literature about it, I would have my patients suspend them until the skin has healed from the Pearl.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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