Pearl Laser for Deep Smokers Lines?

I wish to have Pearl laser for smokers lines just on top lip area. The lines are quite deep; is this treatment best for ridding lines? How much downtime for just lip area? I am a blonde, white 42-year-old.

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Pearl laser can be used on Type 3 skin.

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The Pearl laser is suitable for use on Type 3 skin (somewhat darker).  The Pearl is excellent for modest sun damage. 

Pearl Laser

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You will need laser, and filler as well in most cases. Thank you for your question and good luck with everything.

Pearl Laser for smoker lines

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The Pearl Fractional Laser (rather than regular Pearl) would be a good option for the smoker lines.  I think the best option is still CO2 Laser Resurfacing but we have seen some really great results with the Pearl Fractional as well.  The first few days are the worst and you probably won't be making many personal appearances those first few days.  Most patients can start using some makeup if they want or need to by day 4.  After 1 week there may still be some pinkness but nothing that shouldn't be able to be covered up with makeup.  The lines will continue to improve for months following treatment as the new collagen builds. If these lines are indeed from smoking---stop smoking before will greatly improve your healing as well as help preserve your investment if you aren't immediately making new lines.


Dr. Grant Stevens               Marina del Rey, CA                 Marina Plastic Surgery                    The Institute

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