Skin Care Routine After Pearl Laser?

I'm into my fifth day after Pearl Laser and my skin looks great. What is a good skin care routine and/or products I could use from the healing point on?

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Melarase creams after fractional laser

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Fractionally ablative lasers require prompt and thorough aftercare. We use healing ointments after the procedure that can quiet the amount of inflammation. Once the skin has epithelialized, I would recommend a topical skin brightening protocol (we use Melarase) to lighten and even out skin complexion.


Dr. Karamanoukian

Suncreeen and doctor's call

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I'd trust your treating physician. In general, I recommend a sunscreen + antioxidant combo in the morning, and a retinoid + peptide or GF cream or gel evenings.

Your doctor knows your skin best, and can make specific brand suggestions.

Good luck.


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