How can I get a Invisalign discount?

I had braces 4 years ago, before I finished I asked the doctor to remove the braces because I went to an island for 2 years as missionary (where there a not clinics or doctors) I didn't have retainers so my teeth moved a lot, I have a 12mm overbite and gaps. I have lost confidence, and refuse to accept my "new smile" I'm getting married soon, and am afraid of hating my smile on our wedding pictures =( I saw a Invisalign doctor but is too expensive for a missionary How can I get a good discount?

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In reading your question, several red flags pop up.  First a 12 mm overbite is quite significant.  I can understand the desire to get it fixed for your upcoming wedding.  But that is a lot to do in a short time...especially with Invisalign. I'm not discounting's great at closing spaces.  But in your situation it may not be ideal. Depending on the cause of the overbite (tons of space versus a small lower jaw), fixed appliances, which may be less expensive, might give you a better result.  And by using fixed, you take out the 4-6 week lab time needed for aligners.  As far as a discount goes...many orthodontists give courtesy discounts for clergy.  Are you still a missionary?  But be aware, due to the substantial lab fee doctors must pay for the aligners, it might be hard to discount much.  So again, consider some cosmetic fixed appliances.  And be sure to visit a certified SPECIALIST orthontist. Good luck.

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