PDT Derma Roller and Fractional Ablative Laser Combination. What Is Normal Treatment Time and How Safe?

Hi, I am in my early 40's have sun damaged skin and am planning to have PDT soon. I am also considering having fractional ablative laser after to deal with my many fine lines and wondered how many weeks/months between treatments are recommended? Also how many treatments are usually given? How safe fractional ablative laser is (clinic has great reviews)? If I should avoid Retinal A and the pill whilst having laser? How many weeks post laser is it safe to have derma roller? Many thanks

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PDT derma roller and fractional ablative laser

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Dear Patient,

I would recommend a month between your fractional ablative therapy and PDT and Derma roller. Fractional ablative laser is generally a safe procedure if it is used by an expert laser surgeon. You can discuss potential side effects with the surgeon when planning therapy. It will depend upon you skin type, amount of sun damage, and treatment goals, to determine amount of treatments you will need. Usually it takes three treatments spaced every couple of months to reach ideal results in rejuvenation. You should hold your Retin A cream one week before and after your laser and/or PDT therapies. 

Good luck.

Davie Dermatologist

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