Should PDT and Isolaz Be Combined for a 14 Year Old with Moderate Acne?

The dermatologist is recommending that my son do a treatement of PDT with Isolaz. He did one PDT by itself three weeks ago and his skin looks much better, so I'm concerned about using these two treatments together.

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PDT in conjunction with Isolaz can be quite painful

PDT using Isolaz can get quite painful. If your son's skin is improving adequately with PDT alone, he may prefer to continue that alonse as the treatment effect is "known" - and actually the subsequent PDT treatments are usually less reactive.

Isolaz is a great treatment for anyone who does not want to have post treatment downtime - but for cystic acne, PDT is the best option. They "can" be combined, but the 1-2 punch of the combination is not something you want to discount.

You and your son will have to decide if you wan to risk the increased levels of pain that Isolaz used with PDT will most likely cause.

The video linked below describes a different procedure level, but may be beneficial for additional information on aggressive levels of PDT.

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