PCOS Medicine and Genioplasty?

I'm a 21 y/o female and I've been having acne and very mild facial-hair growth for about 2 months now. I consulted a doctor on this and i was recently diagnosed with PCOS. For this condition, my doctor has given me a medicine called Krimson 35(to be taken for 3 menstrual cycles/3 months). I am going to schedule a Genioplasty in about a month now - May end/June beginning. Will this medicine interfere with my surgery/post surgery recovery and those meds and/or the anesthesia(general)? Please help

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PCOS Medication and Genioplasty Surgery

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That medication is an androgen receptor blocker and I know of no contraindication with its use in having a successful outcome from a genioplasty surgery.

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