I am a patient with pcos/ irregular periods. Testosterone levels=0.277 ng/ml. prolactin=27.23 ng/ml, TSH=1.17uIU/ml. I have short thick quick hair growth on my face, chin and neck. I need to eradicate it permanently. I had done Laser (10 sittings) but the hair length has reduced. Number, thickness, frequency only increased. Is IPL better for me? Please advise.

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IPL and hair removal

The effectiveness of laser hair removal depends on your skin type and colour of your hair, the type of laser used and the skill of the technician.  It is possible the laser settings were too low for you.  You may also be growing new hair because of your PCOS.  You should have treatment for the PCOS and have laser hair removal under the supervison of a dermatologist who has the appropriate laser for your skin type.  If you are fair-skinned, the LightSheer DUET would be appropriate; if dark-skinned, the long-pulsed Yag.

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PCOS and hair removal

IPL is an older version for hair removal, so I doubt very much it's going to be "better". There are several hair removal laser types including Alexandrite and Diode. And within that, a great deal of your treatment results depend on your technician. It is 100% not possible that whatever treatment you had done make your follicles grow more, thicker, and at a higher frequency. This is medically impossible. Most likely, your existing follicles are just coming up faster and more quickly than before simply because of the PCOS and hormone imbalances. We all develop follicles throughout our lifetime and only active follicles can be treated during a hair removal session. This is why hair removal, though permanent for the affected hair follicles, is not permanent in the sense that undeveloped follicles at the time of treatment will still grow. Plus with PCOS, your hormonal imbalances will be unfortunately more irregular than other people.

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