Payment Plans Available?

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LifeStyle Lift Bankrupt

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Lifestyle Lift is bankrupt so choose another type of facial rejuvenation procedure. Financing usually available with Care Credit or credit card or other third party lenders.

Financing a Lifestyle Lift

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Yes, there are payment plans available for the “Lifestyle lift”, although at my office we just call it a mini lift. At my practice, Cape Fear Aesthetics, we offer Care Credit as a great zero to low interest financing tool. You may also put down a deposit of $1000 (for procedures that cost more than a $1000) and then pay off the rest in payments prior to your surgery. “Dr. D”

Payment Plans Available Lifestyle Lift?

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There are many payment plan options available for the Lifestyle Lift. Lifestyle Lift Centers use traditional health financing options. One example is Care Credit. Also, Lifestyel Lift has internal financing options that some patients can qualify and take advantage of. The consultation process is free, and the consultants at Lifestyle Lift are very well versed in coming up with a personalized option for the client based on their unique individual needs. Good luck.  

Farhan Taghizadeh, MD
Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

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