Should I Have to Pay for a Fourth Breast Lift Surgery?(photo)

In 4/2010 I had a circumareolar breast lift w/silicone implants. I then sought the opinion of another Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performed a full anchor lift on both breasts in 5/2011. Once again my left breast dropped and the nipples were uneven. I had a 2nd Breast Revision with the same Dr. in 11/2011 and once again my left breast has dropped. I now need to have a 4th surgery as left breast has dropped again and has fallen out of pocket. Should I have to pay anesthesia costs?

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Breast Lift Revision Costs

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With a starting point of asymmetric breasts, it is very difficult to achieve symmetry. Each office will have different policies regarding revisions.  However, the anesthesiologist is generally not an employee of the physican so it would be fair to pay for their time.

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Paying for revisionary surgery

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Thank you for your question.

Each office / surgeon differs with how they deal with payment for revisionary surgery but generally speaking, even if the surgeon is not charging for his/her time, there will be fees to pay the surgery center and anesthesiologist involved.

If you look at your starting point, you did have asymmetry to begin with and so it is very difficult for any surgeon to guarantee exact symmetry.

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