Do I Still Have to Pay the Whole Dr Bill if Butt Implants were Removed 2 Weeks Later??

My butt implants where removed on the 12th day of having them placed in because my body rejected them and I caught a severe infection. Do I still have to pay for the whole cost of what my plastic surgeon charged me? I financed the butt implants because I didn't have the money at the time, but am I suppose to pay for something that I don't even have inside me anymore? Shouldn't he consider a discount on the whole cost because of what happen?

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Paying for cosmetic surgery

Yes you will pay the full price for the cosmetic surgery you had.

Infection can happen with any surgery, It is a well known complication, your doctor did nothing wrong. He did the surgery as planned but you unfortunately got infection. You probably have to pay some for the removal of the implants.

When considering cosmetic surgery and finance the surgery, patients need to think of the potential risks of complications and the cost for further surgery. If your finances are not so good then patients should rethink having cosmetic surgery. DO NOT MORTGAGE YOUR HOUSE FOR COSMETIC SURGERY.


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