Do I Have to Pay to Get Breast Implant Removal After Infection?

I'm having an infection on my left breast 4 weeks after the breast augmentation. My doctor suggests implant removal, however, he also ask me to pay a fee of 1,782 dollars just to remove. When I first felt something wrong, I went to visited him,he told me I was fine.It got worse and redness started to show,when I visited him again, he asked me to remove the implant, and there is a pretty big fee comes with it. I just want to know if it is fair.

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Breast implant removal fee

Fees for secondary surgery vary by physician. If there are costs, such as anesthesia and an outside facility, these are usually the patient's responsibility pursuant to the financial information agreement. I would encourage you to question your doctor as to whether this is what he is asking you to pay. Unfortunately, infections do happen, although rarely, and if the implant is intact, the manufacturer's warranty does not pay for removal.

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Surgical fees for revisionary surgery or complications

This is a very important topic for all plastic surgery patients undergoing elective surgical procedures. It is unfortunate that you have an infection requiring implant removal. Your financial responsibilities are usually outlined and understood before embarking on an elective surgical procedure. All doctors have their own complication/revision policy.  It is very difficult for surgeons to be able to cover the cost of outside fees in the event of a revision or in dealing with a complication. Hospital fees, operating room fees, and anesthesia fees are independent outside charges that we have no control over. We all want what is best for our patients and your safety and care are always the priority over money. It is important to trust your doctor, maintain a good relationship, and keep the lines of communication open. Under these circumstances you may be surprised by the generosity of your surgeon.

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Surgery fees



Removal of implants for complications in my practice is free. The only fee involved would be charges for anesthesia or the facility fees. If performed in my center I would comp my patient to avoid problems.  People often want a refund of the original cosmetic fees if they are dissatisfied.  I do not refund such fees, but I try to avoid further charges.


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Implant Removal after infection.

This should be discussed with your surgeon. Compassion for you situation would subject you only to fees that are not able to be attributed to the surgeons fees. We dont like problems either. Your surgeon is clearly only charging you for the people involved to help you, such as the Anesthesiologist,  OR Fees, supplies and drugs, etc. It is reasonable for you to have been told this in your preoperative agreement called informed consent.  You will have additional costs when the implant goes back in  as well. See if your surgeon can get the implant company to help defray some or all of the costs of that. Every little bit helps. Your surgeon should not immediately replace that implant either, a period of time sould go by for all the inflammation to have subsided once the implant has been out (6weeks).

Charles Virden, MD
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