Reddish brown patches after using a 5 % glycolic acid cleanser glomed and ethiglo (Photo)

I got brownish red patches near my mouth and nose after using glomed and ethiglo. I had them before due to reaction to lotus sunscreen then when I bleached my facial hair after using 1% glycolic acid cleanser Ahaglow. The marks disappeared quickly then but they are still here after 5 days now. I used dermadew lite soap today and it improved a little. Can't be the glycolic as have used 3% glycolic acid cream before. Suggest some remedies and a noncomedogenic brightening cleanser and sunscreen.

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Melarase creams and Melapads to maintain chemical peel results

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At this point, you need an effective skin lightening program such as Melarase creams and Melapads to help smooth out your skin complexion. 


Dr. Karamanoukian

Los Angeles

Reddish brown patches after using a 5 % glycolic acid cleanser glomed and ethiglo

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Thanks for your query. Reddish brown patches could be post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, but the best can be judged only after examination. The wheals caused due to allergic reactions go away in 24 hours. Just use eumosome cream on the brown patch and till it disappear just use calamine lotion on face and eumosome cream on brown patch and a very mild cleanser like cetaphil. After the disappearance of the patch you can switch to cutiwash cleanser as it is a brightening cleanser and has lactic acid as the main ingredient and as sunscreen you can try rivela tint. Hope it helps.

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