Are Patients with Thin Skin Bad Candidates for Fraxel Restore?

I'm concerned that having thin skin that I would be a bad candidate for Fraxel (increased risk of scarring, penetration of laser too deep). How do you measure skin thickness and consequently know what the settings required for Fraxel Restore are?

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Patients with thin skin are not bad candidates for Fraxel Restore

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Patients with thin skin are not bad candidates for Fraxel Restore. The laser just has to be set appropriately for the type of skin and the area that’s being treated.

New York Oculoplastic Surgeon

Fraxel Restore can be used for thin skin

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Fraxel Restore is ideal as a resurfacing device for thin skin as it provides greater safety than ablative lasers or fractional carbon dioxide lasers.  The energy settings might be decreased compared with thicker skin that has greater density of oil glands and deeper acne scars. Conservative settings of 15 mJ and low density and increasing rather than starting high, would be prudent.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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